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Dr. Stephanie Van Dyke, Medical Director
It's incredibly inspiring for me to be a part of every patient's journey. The benefits they realize are profound, and because of this, I've never enjoyed medicine more. I feel so fortunate to push the limits of healthcare, helping empower patients as they lose weight, reverse disease, get off medications, and realize their very best self.

Stephanie Van Dyke was the co-founder and first Medical Director for the Sky Lakes Wellness Center. She trained as a primary care physician in New York, and underwent residency at Oregon Health Science University's Cascades East Family Practice. Stephanie was board certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine. Throughout residency, Stephanie learned the value of preventing disease, which led to her obtaining an MPH (Master of Public Health) at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health prior to returning to Klamath Falls to launch the Wellness Center. Stephanie previously established a nonprofit health clinic in rural Uganda.

She worked with the Wellness team to catalyze many large projects and initiatives within the community as well as within the Wellness Center. She was part of the driving force that brought the Blue Zones Project to Klamath Falls, the Sugarman's Corner pocket park to downtown, and move the Oregon Avenue Protected Bike Lane Project forward. These efforts and initiatives, and many more, were motivated by a desire to improve the wellness and quality of life for all in her community.

A new park on the corner of Klamath Avenue and 11th Street is being constructed in her honor. If you are interested in donating to park construction, please mail donations to the Sky Lakes Foundation at 2865 Daggett Ave., Klamath Falls, OR, 97601 or online by clicking here.