How to Get Started
To learn more about the Lifestyle Change Program to see if it is a good fit for you, we invite you to attend a 30-minute informational session.

Informational Sessions are open to the public and mandatory before enrolling. Their purpose is to explain the Live Young Weight Management Program in detail and help participants make an informed decision to learn if the Program is a good fit for them. Space is limited and the program is rigorous, so we want to ensure the Program is a good match for each and every participant prior to enrollment.

Informational Sessions are free and typically last 30 minutes. One of the Wellness Center clinicians will lead each Session. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early. Those who arrive late will be asked to return to attend a future Informational Session on time, as a lot of detail is quickly covered during the Session. Sign up for a free 30-minute informational session at our downtown office, 128 S. 11th Street, or by calling 541-880-2770. Informational Sessions occur regularly at the Wellness Center every week per this schedule.

Who is eligible for the Live Young Lifestyle Change Program?
First, you MUST have the desire to change.

Clients must be thirsty for better health. Daily habits can be deeply engrained, so adopting new, healthy behaviors is challenging. The journey to wellness takes time, determination, and a relentless yearning for improved well-being. But as anybody who has lived an unbalanced lifestyle and found improved health will attest, the results are miraculous. The benefits are well worth the effort. One's entire perspective on life can be renewed, allowing clients to discover his or her very best self.

Meet BMI Criteria and Have Weight Related Disease

Second, participants must enter the Program with a body mass index (BMI) greater than 30 or a BMI greater than 25 with at least one weight-related disease, such as prediabetes, type 2 diabetes, abnormal cholesterol, high blood pressure, or obstructive sleep apnea. You can calculate your body mass index with the calculator above and to the right to see if you are eligible.