30-Day Challenges

One way to keep us motivated and on track is to consider a 30-day challenge. In fact, some people find them so helpful that they begin a new 30-day challenge every month.

The idea is to proactively engage in positive habits. You can do this on your own or find 1-2 people who will join you in a 30-day challenge to better yourselves together! After enough of these 30-day challenges, if we do them correctly, we begin to build habits that stick! But we must go about 30-day challenges effectively, which means:

  • Be realistic
  • Pick habits you want to stick! Don't try fad diets or eliminate whole food groups
  • Small changes are the key to sustainability

Check out this TED talk about 30-day challenges with tips for success.

Try one of our 30-day challenges or create your own!

  1. Avoidance Challenge
  2. Consumption Challenge
  3. Gratitude Challenge
  4. Gratitude Photo Challenge
  5. Happiness Challenge
  6. Health Challenge
  7. Parenting Challenge
  8. Photography Challenge
  9. Push-Up Challenge
  10. Relationship Challenge
  11. Self Care Challenge
  12. Step Challenge
  13. Strength Training Challenge
  14. Walking Challenge
  15. Water Challenge
  16. Wellness Challenge